Labatte Homestead Rendezvous 2017-2020

The Labatte Homestead Rendezvous is a non-profit  M├ętis focused event, meant for everyone! Ride a horse drawn wagon to the log homestead of Louis George Labatte (circa 1834).

Listen to the music that filled that home 186 years ago. Imagine Thunder Beach as a "fishing village" of ten families.

Left to right: Ken Two Dogs Fraser, Councillor Georgian Bay Metis Council, Dr. Caroline Bennett, Federal Minister Aboriginal Affairs, Basil Lafreniere at our 2017 Rendezvous.

Louis Riel Accordion

In January 2019, the Metis Nation of Ontario announced the existence of an accordion that belonged to Louis Riel. Basil was inspired to see the accordion and research its story from a musical history point of view. He contacted the Peterborough Museum & Archives and viewed the instrument. His research led to a book about the story of the accordion, where it was made, the type of music it could play, and who made it. 

Detail on the Riel accordion, showing cactus and flowers found in a certain region of Mexico.

Basil (centre) presenting Book on Louis Riel's accordion to Margaret Froh, President, Metis Nation of Ontario.

Left to right: Ron LePage , Councillor, Georgian Bay Metis Council (GBMC), Greg Garrett, President, GBMC, Basil, Margaret Froh, Marg Raynor          2019